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Security Check Request
Use this form to request extra-patrol of your home while on vacation. Print, complete
and mail the form to the police department.
Home Security Checklist
 Use this form to check the security of your home.
Citizen Commendation
 Use this for if you wish to recommend a commendation for a police department
 employee. Print, complete and mail to the police department.
Citizen Complaint
 The Orwell Police Department is committed to providing prompt, professional service. If
 our employees act outside the scope of the department's rules, regulation, policies,
 procedures, or state or federal law, and evidence of misconduct is determined,
 appropriate administrative or criminal processes will be implemented.
Personal Property Record
 Complete this form and keep it in a safe place in case of a burglary or theft.
Traffic Enforcement Request (Fillable Form)
 Use this form to notify us of a traffic problem in your neighborhood and request additional
Employment Application  
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